All Seasons Condo Association

Owners Information

Board of Directors

Ron Vecchia – President

Lisa O’Loughlin – VP/Director/Events Coordinator

Linda Coolidge -Treasurer

Kerrie MacNeil – Secretary/ Director/Website/Events Coordinator

Joe Flanagan – Director/House Committee

Membership Meetings
11am at the Clubhouse 

TBD- Sunday – General Membership Meeting Coffee & Pastry

TBD – Sunday – General Membership Meeting Coffee & Pastry

TBD-Sunday – General Membership Meeting Coffee & Pastry

TBD -Sunday – Annual General Membership Voting Meeting Coffee & Pastry

Design and Review Committee

Certain projects on your site require Design and Review Committee review and approval.  If you need a Building Permit from the Town then you will need to have an approved D&R form before the Town will issue you a permit.  The links below are for the current rules and D&R application.  For questions, submit a contact form and we will answer.

ATV and Golf Cart Reminder

All ATVs and Golf Carts are required to show the owners site number.

All ATV and Golf Cart operators under the age of 16 are to meet the age requirements and have taken the NH Fish and Game safety course.

All ATV or Golf Cart riders are to have their own seat as per the maximum seating of the ride.

If you have guests stay with you and they use an ATV or Golf Cart, the age and safety training course also applies to them.  

Speed limit on park roads is 10 MPH! 

Proof of insurance for golf carts and ATV vehicles are due by May 30, 2023. Owners can email to, place in drop box outside the REC Hall or mail USPS.